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Baba Oruc and Isabel join forces and take action to end the cruelty of Unita, the organization that does not leave Muslims in peace. What awaits Baba Oruc, who stands against the oppressors and lives to be hope for the oppressed, and Isabel, whose brother is held captive by the organization? How will they fight against Unita?

 Isabel’s sense of justice made her took the merchant ship from Alexandria to Salonica from Cafer and gave it to Baba Oruc. This situation turned all of Cafer’s plans upside down, and in a way, the wealth he desired was almost ruined. Cafer’s hatred for Baba Oruc increased with this incident, and he decided to sabotage Baba Oruc’s ship for revenge. Realizing this assassination attempt at the last moment, Baba Oruc and Ilyas entered into a fierce struggle with Cafer’s men. Who will be the survivors of this struggle? Is it the end of everything for Baba Oruc or is everything just beginning?

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On the other side, the ship with Hizir, Niko, Ishak and Hamza sailing from Lesbos to Alexandria was attacked by the warship with Radko and his soldiers. However, Hizir Reis’ smart and courageous plan worked and they succeeded in repelling Radko’s ship. However, the fearless warrior Radko, who has received strict orders from Pietro, is determined to follow them. 

How will Radko’s new strategy take shape? Will Hizir, Niko and Ishak be able to protect themselves and the book against him? While all these events were taking place in the seas, Antuan, whom Baba Oruc thought was dead, regained his health as a result of Pietro’s efforts. Knowing that Antuan is a dangerous warrior and a talented pirate, can Pietro convince him to fight on his side? On the other hand, the child in Despina’s womb leads her to death day by day. However, she is enduring this situation because she loves Baba Oruc. The advices of Asiye, who wants to spread fitna on her father Yorgo and Oruc’s family, is confusing her. So, will Despina listen to her and give up on the child in her womb? What will Yorgo do, who wants to separate Despina from Oruc?

Barbarossa Episode 5 with Urdu Subtitles

Ever heard of Muslim pirates? The Barbaros brothers (Barbaroslar) were known to be notorious Muslim sailor warriors who sought Turkish dominance in the Mediterranean, Europe and North African coastal sea areas on behalf of the Ottomans.

The main two brothers were known as Oruç Reis and his legendary younger admiral brother Barbaros Hayreddin Hizir Reis who not only made his reputation across Europe as the most feared Muslim pirate but one of the greatest naval commanders and Islamic heroes in history with his marvellous sea victories and navy battles. He defeated the combined European forces in the battle of Preveza and paved the way for Ottoman domination in the Mediterranean.

Barbarossa Episode 5 With English Subtitles

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