Sultan Abdul Hamid

payitaht abdul hamid:
Sultan Abdülhamid is a Turkish recorded TV execution methodology including Bülent Inal and Özlem Conker outlining certain events during the standard of the 34th Ottoman Sultan, Abdul Hamid II.[1][2]

Alex Ritman and Mia Galuppo of The Hollywood Reporter outlined it as an “improvement” to the past TV blueprint Flint.

Ruler Abdülhamid II Bülent Inal 1- payitaht abdul hamid is a clear character, played by Bülent Inal. He is the last Sultan to hold pioneer powers in the Ottoman Empire. Ruler payitaht abdul hamid is a readied power and administrator. He is attempting to spare the Empire from outside additionally as internal perils. He bears distinctive pulverization tries. The ruler is a mind-boggling Muslim who needs to modernize and industrialize the zone while holding Islamic and social characteristics. His dream experience is the Hejaz railroad to relate the Muslim world from Sarajevo to Baghdad to the Holiest zones in Islam. He is shown to be the perceived head of the riddle police and understanding the relationship of the Empire.

Tahsin Paşa Bahadır Yenişehirlioğlu 1- The head of chamberlains and First Secretary of the radiant living arrangement. He is the most dependable individual and the right-hand man of the Sultan and Sultan trusts in him with his life. He is constantly present with the Sultan. For him, the state interprets the Sultan. He has been working for the state since he was 13 years old. Disregarding how he couldn’t have considered either from the earliest starting point, he becomes mates with Mahmut Paşa and Ahmet Celalettin Paşa. Is sharp and reasonable, not swindled with no issue.

Bidar Kadın özlem Conker 1- Wife of Sultan payitaht abdul hamid II, the ruler and female authority of the glorious home. Sharp and hard to mislead, she is the mother of Prince Abdülkadir and Naime Sultan. Habitually fights with Seniha Sultan.

Fatma Pesend Hanım Zeynep Özder 4-17 Sultan payitaht abdul hamid subsequent life associate, is pregnant.

Seniha Sultan Selen Öztürk 1-89 Sultan Abdülhamid’s sister and accomplice of Mahmut Pasha. She respects her family and constantly needs him out of harm’s way. She is sharp and insightful. She stands disengaged with her solid and valiant character. She depends on the shows and rules of the state. Has a conflict with Bidar Kadın. In spite of the way that she regards Sultan Abdülhamid’s point of fact, the continuation of the Ottoman Dynasty is more crucial to her. Doesn’t appear in the fourth season after the primary scene.

Theodor Herzl Saygın Soysal 1-44 The basic enemy of the focal season. Herzl is an Austro-Hungarian Zionist. He needs to develop a Zionist state in Palestine and attempts to convince the Sultan. He unendingly passes on fake news against Sultan payitaht abdul hamid II to insult him and the Ottoman Empire. His end is destitute down at any rate not showed up.

Mahmut Paşa Hakan Boyav 1- Brother-in-law of Sultan and life accomplice of Seniha Sultan. He is a paşa. He is one of the enemies for the rule season and the beginning of the accompanying season. He is fiery and risky, consistently worked to switch sides. He is a fundamental plotter of a few end endeavors Sultan and attempts to disturb the Hejaz Railway experience. He is other than the best distraction character. Mahmut Pasha changes following to helping the Sultan find the enemy of Sultan Abdülaziz and changes into a trustworthy and astute pasha whose past ties with backstabbers end up being essential.
He is haughty, squashed by his mother, and squashed by his uncle Mahmut Paşa who needs to use him as a pawn. He stirs up the Sultan and shows a huge amount of individual and ideological shows up particularly relating to his father. He commonly separates the deterrent’s papers. His nearest partner is his cousin Sebahattin, who reliably tricks him into submitting different mixed up presumptions.

Naime Sultan Duygu Gürcan 1- Sultan payitaht abdul hamid and Bidar Kadın’s fortified youth. Real; in friendship with Kemalettin Paşa yet follows counter in the wake of finding his issue with Hatice Sultan. Was dearest assistants with Şivenaz and was paralyzed by her selling out.
He is a pioneer of the Young Turks. He is quick like his father and goes about as his right-hand man in controlling Prince Abdülkadir. There is nothing he won’t achieve for self-rule. He is ideologically more insane than his father. Is a backstabber and breaks the Empire. Assists Armenian packs, Rothschild, and Zalman to offer a burden to Sultan Abdülhamid. Uses his father’s inadequacy against him for his run of the mill perfect circumstance on different events.

Kolağası Celal Umut Kurt 1-9 Excellent marksman and solid warrior of the Sultan. He is a specialist in the ruler’s inquiry police. Dear organizes with Ömer, Yusuf, and Kemalettin Paşa. In regard to Naime Sultan; is shot while moving weapons.

Melike (Ahsen) Ezgi Eyüboğlu 1-39 A flawless energetic adult from Balkans who loses her memory in a disaster during the political agitation of a passing undertaking on the Sultan. Mindful, with a basic heart and authentic targets. She changes into an applauded guest in the wake of losing her memory and changes into a sparkle fervor for Prince Abdülkadir, who runs into an issue with rival Ömer. It is later found that Sara Hedaya sent her to a better living system than kill Sultan Abdülhamid; in any case, she sees that the Sultan is truly not an appalling individual and finds that he was not the person who killed her father. Interfaces with different secretive employable missions with Murat Efendi and Söğütlü Osman, finally getting pulled in to Murat. Is shot by Vladimir while checking for a wedding dress.

Ömer Akın Akınözü 1-17 Brave, running and uncommon cabby, he is a plebeian. He saves the Sultan during the end attempt and changes into the most animating excessive admirer of the ruler. Ends up being excitedly connected with the brilliant living arrangement and is allowed into the enigma room happening to save the Sultan. His nearest relates are Yusuf and Celal, who works in Secret Police. He is incredibly entranced by Ahsen which gets him to get up centrality with Prince Abdülkadir. Shoots himself all together not to sell out his state.

Yusuf Ibrahim Kendirci 1-27 He was raised on an on a very basic level hazy street as Ömer. . Close by Ömer, he is ensured to fight. Is shot and killed by Vladimir.
Kemalettin Paşa Eren Hacısalihoğlu 1-54 Son of Gazi Osman Paşa, one of Abdülhamid’s, for the most part, trusted in men. Was adored sidekicks with Celal and was squashed when he kicked the bowl. Experienced energized verbalizations of warmth for Hatice Sultan yet married to Naime Sultan, so far continuing with his relationship with Hatice Sultan. Right when revealed, he was confined and removed to Bursa.

Fehime Sultan Elif Özkul 1-51 Ottoman Sultan Murad V’s following adolescent. payitaht abdul hamid manages her like his own daughter, paying little psyche to how she is unlawful to meet her father.

Hatice Sultan Gözde Kaya 1-54 Sultan Murad V’s most settled adolescent. Couldn’t consider her uncle, requiring counter for her dad being purged the seat.

Hiram Berkan Şal 1-18 An Armenian clergyman sent by the Vatican regardless he is more than a minister. He is a nonbeliever skillful ace expert assassin. He is known to present his first homicide at four years of age. He endeavored to execute Sultan payitaht abdul hamid yet he misses the mark. Ruler Abdülhamid faces him in prison with some invigorated experiences concerning his past, after which he changes into a twofold leader for him.

Samir Emre Kentmenoğlu 1-9 Brother of Melike. He is a creator by calling who believes in savage response for the downfall of his father who is perceived to be executed during protection from the Empire in the Balkans. He besides needs to execute the Sultan. Regardless, he learns reality concerning his dad and has Ahsen appear out of frustration in a scratch pad in the wake of being shot by Hiram.

Sara Hedaya Elena Viunova 1-17 Assistant and individual secretory of Herzl. She is an in-your-face Zionist herself. Executed by Parvus’ man.

Emanuel Karasu Ali Nuri Türkoğlu 2- He is an earth-shattering individual from Young Turks. He is a person from an unquestionable transporter get-together of Zionists who plots to chop down the Empire. He is the pioneer of Freemasonry practices in the Ottoman State.

Söğutlü Osman Yusuf Aytekin 2- Becomes an authority after his family, a warrior, was martyred in a passing undertaking on the Sultan. Was given the movement of staying with Ömer and ended up being acknowledged accomplices with him and Yusuf. After the downfall of Ömer, he began to fill in as an undercover employable with Murat Efendi and a short period of time later Fehim Paşa. Starts working with Halil Halid in the wake of being sent to get him from Egypt.

Aleksandr Israel Parvus Kevork Malikyan 18-54 A rich Zionist who accounts for the indisputable adversary of Ottoman social events. Executed Melike and Samir’s dad Efraim Efendi and consolidated the Sultan for it. The primary adversary of the accompanying season. Sent to British remedial workplaces.

Murat Efendi (Meyyit Efendi) Volkan Keskin 18-54 Sultan Abdülhamid’s nephew, as his mother and payitaht abdul hamid, were milk family, and one of his by and large trusted in spies, close by Söğütlü Osman. Winds up being wretchedly interested in Ahsen and over the long haul proposes to her. In any case, while Ahsen is filtering for a wedding dress, she gets shot by Vladimir, Parvus’ man. Murat, more

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