The essential scene of Ertugrul Ghazi sets up the life of Erturul, an adolescent who has a spot with the Kayi group. He is the offspring of the pioneer of the family, Suleyman Shah. Suleyman Shah has four youths, Ertugrul, Gundogdu, Sungurtekin and Dundar. The show begins with the oba, a stopgap camp, where Ertugrul is given a cutting edge that he guarantees will simply fight for the right purposes.

On the contrary side, there is Titus, an executive from the Knights Knight. The Knights Knight were a Catholic military solicitation fouded in 1119. In Ertrugul’s at first set up, they are seen as the strong, pivotal force. Kayi group, while being strong warriors with in excess of 2000 tents, are working from tents and the Knights Knight have unprecedented strongholds.

The officials of the Knights Knight are moving prisoners which joins Halime, her more energetic kin and her father, (Numan is the expelled sovereign of the Seljuk Sultanate of Rum). In a proposal to escape, Halime’s father gets hurt. Halime and her family is attacked by the officials before they are ensured by  and his men. Ertugrul executes Bisol, kin of Titus.

This is what sets off the accompanying chain of events. Ertugrul brings Halime and her family to his gathering that causes an uproar.

Suleman Shah is educated by Ghazanfar, a trader, who has brought various presents for Suleman Shah, which Suleman won’t and demands to be appropriated among the down and out. Ghazanfar unveils to Suleman that Seljuq rulers may have persuaded Konya (a city in Turkey that was constrained by Seljuq Rulers) yet Constantinople is being squashed. Suleman Shah is in like manner told about how the Crusaders (Catholic military) didn’t consider Muslims their sidekicks.

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