Ertugrul Ghazi Theme Song In Urdu

Vocal: Noman Shah Lyrics: aaeen alee | SK Khalish

Compositing | Editing : aaeen alee

Audio: RWSD

Original Music: Ertuğrul-42770

Diriliş Scenes: TRT1 | PTV Home

Al Hayyu Hu Wallah Al Haq Hu Wallah Fearful of the one true God Reciters of the word of the Prophet Guardians of the religion of Muhammad Devotees of the candles of Prophethood Every vein drenched with faith Every heart doused with Quran Prostraters to the one true God Travelers of the true path The history gives examples Fighters of oppression Al hayyu Hu Wallah Al Haq Hu Wallah We are the followers of the last Prophet This is the blessing of that God on us Taking the call of Islam Martyrdom in the heart all the time No matter how much the struggle We are prepared fully We will not bow down anywhere Aims as tough as rocks We’ll show this when the time comes We’ll not bow down anywhere Al Hayyu Hu Wallah Al Haq Hu Wallah Using courage as our weapon We’ve raised the banner of truth Let the enemy spread as many traps We’re under the shadow of His mercy Islam-the cradle of peace We’ve this message of peace And we’re here to spread it to the world We are those swords of truth Which will break the chains We’ve come to teach the infidels Al Hayyu Hu Wallah Al Haq Hu Wallah Let us repeat the past And remind them of Qaisar and Kasra Tear down Khyber with our steps Let’s show our glory again All the falsehoods of the world All these tribulations will end All the people know this Whether a martyr or a veteran The religion will exalt We are the devotees of this All Rights Reserved Official Facebook Page: #ErtugrulGhazi#Ertugrul#Erturul#ErtugrulSong#ErturulThemeSong


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