The Turkish Television Drama series Kurulus Osman Cast in Urdu and English has been extremely popular in Pakistan since this started airing in Pakistan After Ertugrul Ghazi Series. Its Also Popular " Turkish History Series "

To Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 45, scroll down the page at the end of the page you got it. In Kurulus Osman’s last Episode,

“Triumph has a place with the individuals who stand side by side and walk in positions.”

Nikola’s Deadly Plan

Osman Bey, who figured out how to save his nephew Bayhoca and overwhelm Kulucahisar Castle with his astute arrangement, got mindful of Nikola’s union with the Cumans after the Mongols. Nikola, who intended to bargain a deadly hit to Osman Bey and Kayı Obası with the local property managers’ help, requests Dündar Bey just as the specialists from the Pope.

Bala Hatun in Targun’s Target!

Göktuğ and Targun, who made a coalition with Byzantium against Osman Bey, given the fundamental insight to permit Byzantine powers to enter Kayı Obası; Osman Bey gets a hefty blow when Bamsı Bey is caught. The Pope’s representatives, Süleyman and Melik, believed that they had a chance to hold onto the relics they were after and made a move; Targun and Göktuğ, who got orders from Nikola to dispense with Bala Hatun, additionally furtively go to the camp.

What Will Be The Fate of Bamsı Bey, Who Was Trapped?

How might Osman Bey shield Kayı Obası against Nikola’s Crusader coalition? What will be the destiny of Bamsı Bey, who was caught? Could Bala Hatun endure the assault? What will Dündar Bey react to Nikola’s offer? Can Osman Bey dispense with the set snare? How might the secretive visitors coming to Oba change the equilibrium? Is Dumrul Alp, the objective of the bolts, falling a saint?

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