The Turkish Television Drama series Kurulus Osman Cast in Urdu and English has been extremely popular in Pakistan since this started airing in Pakistan After Ertugrul Ghazi Series. Its Also Popular " Turkish History Series "

To Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 46, scroll down the page at the end of the page you got it. In Kurulus Osman’s last Episode,  Abdurrahman says that Targun is the head of the Cumans and Goktug is her colleague. Flatyos converses with Targun and discloses to her that she needs gold to vanquish Osman. Osman understands that Targun and Nikola will meet up and plans to stop them by utilizing another ruler. Dundar covertly meets Nikola and converses with him to hurt Osman. Nikola requests that Dundar help sneaks into Osman’s tent. Osman needs to give new grounds to the Turkish clans escaping the Mongols. 

In Kurulus Osman Episode 45, Catholic government operatives plot to get Bamsi out of the plain so they can hold onto the mysterious archives. Lena mentions to Savci what she did in the stronghold and cries. Targun goes to the palace and reveals to Nikola how to slaughter Osman. Nikola trusts her yet gets some information about the Goktug. Nikola chooses to send Goktug with Flatyos and requests that Targun executes Bala. Gunduz says that the ruler of Koyunhisar needs to meet with Osman furtively tomorrow. Osman reveals to Bala that he would not like to wed Aksu. That evening, Flatyos assaults the exchange bunch with Goktug. 

In Kurulus Osman Episode 45, Osman subtly meets the Koyunhisar master and mentions to him what he needs from him. Osman offers him gold to utilize the ruler’s property. The Lord asks Osman for three days to think about this offer. Osman understands that Yorgo will set him up three days after the fact, yet consents to uncover the deceiver on the plain. While in transit to Sogut, Targun assaults Bala and Aksu is harmed. To save Gonca, Bala attempts to get her to a more secure spot. Nikola assaults Bamsi as he moves alongside Idris. Bamsi says he has carried on with long sufficient life and isn’t anxious about biting the dust. Idris betrays Bamsi when Nikola says he will take Bamsi’s other hand too. 


In Kurulus Osman Episode 45, Nikola wounds Idris in the shoulder. Seeing the present circumstance, Bamsi gets up and assaults Nikola’s troopers. Nikola says the cut Idris to trick Osman and sends his troopers to follow Bamsi. Osman saves Aksu and discovers that Targun assaulted Bala. Targun in the long run discovers Bala and assaults her. While Targun orders her warriors to assault, Osman shows up and saves Bala. Bala pursues Targun yet can’t get her. Hazal takes in what occurred from Aksu and advises everything to Dundar. Dundar understands that Nikola is accomplishing secret work and goes to converse with Osman. Hazal expresses that all terrible things happened due to Osman, yet Lena restricts her. Lena says she will shield Osman and Bala from now into the foreseeable future. 

In Kurulus Osman Episode 45, Dundar says he sent the Alps around the plain and that nobody could intrude inside. Osman at long last discovers Bamsi, yet Nikola and his fighters leave their concealing spots. Nikola reveals to him that Targun will hold onto Ertugrul’s mysterious records and afterward slaughter Osman. Targun and Goktug enter Osman’s tent, dressed as shippers. Afterward, Targun’s warriors catch everybody in the tent. Goktug says he will render retribution on Osman for banishing him. Targun says she can without much of a stretch escape the plain by utilizing the prisoners. Goktug says what befallen him is uncalled for. Afterward, Targun goes into Osman’s room and starts to look around.


Season 2 scene 19 of Kurulus Osman is set to deliver on Wednesday, seventeenth February 2021. Contingent upon your time region, this could likewise be Thursday, eighteenth February 2021.


Kurulus Osman season 2 scene 19 is set to air online at 4 PM PST on Wednesday, seventeenth February 2021.

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