Kurulus Osman Episode 50 with English & Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 50 with English & Urdu Subtitles

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Kurulus Osman Episode 50 Summary

The Complete Summary of osman Episode  50 Is Below…

In Kurulus Osman Episode 49, Osman states that Geyhatu delivered Togay to quit the meeting becoming held a single day that is next. Umur claims he’s looking impatiently for new places, but Malhun asks him becoming cautious. Osman speaks to Savci about the killing of Flatyos and learns that Dundar provoked him with this problem. Togay secretly visits Pertus’ store and tells him which he possesses plan to begin a pugilative war involving the Turks. Savci goes to their son this is certainly newborn and him that his name is Ertugrul. Lena then claims he desires to check out Sheikh Edebali and speak to him. When Savci asks her the reason why she wants to check out Sheikh, Lena replies that she now would like to be described as a Muslim.

Blast At Sogut Conference

In Kurulus Osman Episode 49, Osman purchases everybody else who will arrived at the conference to be unarmed. After a few years that is short Umur and Malhun started to the inn. The Beys that is tribal invited Osman come to the inn. Osman welcomes their guests and starts the conference. Togay visits Petrus once more and gets a toxic arrow that is small him. Petrus then shows the barrel saturated in gunpowder to Togay. Osman rises and shows the map in the exact middle of the meeting area. Osman says they shall overcome Inegol Castle. Togay then moves to the inn making use of the tunnels that Petrus dug under the city. Osman says that so that you can seize Bursa, they must very first strike Inegol. Osman claims conquests which are new bring new gains and gives maps to the Beys. Togay sneaks into the kitchen that is inn’s. Osman says that Inegol’s lord is in Constantinople and also this chance can be used by all of them. Osman proposes to unite all troops that are turkish.

After Attack Osman goes to Dodurga Tribe

In Kurulus Osman Episode 49, The Alps take the Beys out from the inn and start hunting for the attacker. Umur realizes that he’s dying and asks Malhun to be the best choice of the tribe. Osman brings all his troops collectively and gets furious together with them. Osman then examines the arrow that is poisoned views the sign of a Turkish tribe that didn’t visited the meeting. Some Beys who arrive at the conference complain about Osman’s imprudence. As Osman makes to go to the Dodurga tribe, Malhun gets furious at him and complains about exactly what took place.

Togay Catches Malhun and attacked him

In Kurulus Osman Episode 49, Togay meets with Petrus in the woodland and makes plans being new do even more problems for Osman. Malhun brings her troops collectively and learns that the Dodurga tribe is in charge of this event. Malhun claims she shall simply take her payback on Ivaz. As Malhun is about to leave the inn, Bala stops her and tells her that Osman is going to do what exactly is required. Meanwhile, Osman comes with Ivaz and informs her that he’s innocent. Osman then talks to one other Beys and tries to sway them. Osman says that the Turks desire a great and declare that is powerful. The Beys decide to stay after listening to Osman. Umur gradually wakes up and asks which did this.

Osman plans to catch a traitor

In Kurulus Osman Episode 49, Osman claims that this situation is regular, but he shall however make a move to obtain the traitor. That, Osman informs Dundar and Gunduz just how to make the Beys back again to their particular tribes evening. Dundar then talks with Hazal and claims that his plan had been effective. Hazal is extremely pleased with this development. Dundar thinks of a genuine solution to inform the merchants that Osman will protect the Beys. Bala foretells Osman and tries to comfort him.

Osman Plans Failed by Dundar

In Kurulus Osman Episode 49, the morning this is certainly next Malhun prepares her troops and would like to research Togay. Meanwhile, Osman comes and tells that all things are willing to take the Beys. Osman tells Malhun that she should stick with her father, but after Osman renders the inn, Malhun goes to search for Togay. Togay does a ritual into the woodland where they are concealing and tells that somebody is nearing. Togay later learns that Osman is in the Beys to their way and plans an attack. Osman chooses to sleep someplace after advancing when you look at the woodland for a while and waits for Togay to strike. While Malhun attempts to find her means into the woodland, Mongolian soldiers instantly attack. Togay stops his soldiers and states he knows Malhun will attack. Petrus brings to Togay the given information he discovered from Dundar about Osman’s program. Togay alone attacks soldiers that tend to be malhun’s kills them one after the other.


Season 2 scene 23 of Kurulus Osman is set to deliver on Thrusday, Eleventh March 2021. Contingent upon your time region, this could likewise be Thursday, 18 March 2021.


Kurulus Osman season 2 scene 23 is set to air online at 4 PM PST on Thrusday, 18 March 2021.

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