The legendary story of Mehmet and his friends within the Ottoman state ready for the primary World War, the sole dream is that the resurrection and liberation of the state, and there's nothing quite a love of homeland in the heart. Watch Mehmetcik Kutul Amare Episode 6 Below...

Mehmetcik Kutul Amare Episode 6


This is Episode number 6 of Mehmetcik Kutulamare with Urdu Subtitles. Here are a few exchanges of this Episode. Does the Osmancik Battalion s soldier…would sell his sibling? Isn’t that right? Does he do7We don’t sell if he bites the dust? Never. I’m mindful of each progression that Mehmet took in his territory every piece of meat he ate at home…And even I know in which cart he was. Also, what do you think about the Intelligence Organization? Who do you figure Suleyman Askeri is7This will be a mystery among us.]Even Mehmet won’t gain proficiency with this, is that unmistakable? Perceived, my commanderI’m not completed ‘et. You will take him to Baghdad. This will stay mysterious between the two of us. Did you get it? Ro er that m • administrator. Did you get it? Indeed, m officer. Have you understood7I of it mt authority outside. Go out! Ok Saeed, ah. Dev Is .shadowing his fearlessness. Furthermore, there is…Mehmet .simply show restraint, have a parent…I’m going to stick you in the core of the foe. Mehmet did you do to me, Mehmet? Mehmet.As-Salaam-U-Aleykum! (Harmony Be Upon You), my SheikhsWa AleykumSaJam! (Furthermore, Peace Be Upon You Too)Can I go with you on the off chance that you wear t mind? your discussion contacted my spirit. I needed to come and become acquainted with you, and to get our an ers. We’re not the ones who contacted your heart, child. It is the method of our talking. Is it conceivable to discuss the truth…and don’t contact anybody heart7Your truisms are so great? Sir, I use to go to these grounds frequently. I have not seen you previously. Where did you come from, and where do ‘ ou o7

We come from Allah and go to HiM, a tune well. what carries you to these grounds constantly0 m a shipper. My name is Abdulmalik. I came from the terrains of India. Also, 6 look for my occupation. Furthermore, you the hour of war…what carried you to these terrains where alt this dan er? Loss of country, child. At the point when the grounds of Albania went from our hands…we don’t have land to call it home. I went out into the route toward Karbala…by saying Ya nap(AII is up to destiny). Also .he criminals who exploited the war… plunder another parade around there each day…and kill the vendors. Air d you. .don’t you fear being harmed? A big part of the exchange is fortitude. You can not acquire what you need without facing more challenges. Very much said. Whatever one is, that is the thing that they acquire. That is valid. If it’s not too much trouble, excuse me. in any case, it is clear that…soon these terrains will likewise have no distinction from Albania. This is the wish of the British, Merchant Abdulmalik. How does your tongue say this idiotic thought? Dealer Abdulmelik is right about his concerns, Omer Bey. He is correct. Our adversary is prevalent in numbers and more grounded than us. Was not the adversary more various than us in the Battle of Badr?

The Battle of Badr battled on Tuesday, 13 March 624 CE17 Ramadan 2 AH in the Islamic schedule doesn’t forget…as there are Goliaths in each era…there will likewise be Salahuddin who will annihilate them with a slingshot. You’re correct, sir. You cause my heart to feel good, you are right we will be united…just like the possibility of Tawheed(Oneness)without satin Sunni Shias…Turks, Arabs, Persians,…and Kurdish. As Yunus said we split, we will vanish. also, If we share, we will be fulfilled. ( Looking for Q Latifah to perform Namaz’)I mean to make…tayammum (dry bathing) for Allah. Help me help meK^ipim’elHelp me1Oh my master .who is this that catches me with her e es in the desert? Who is the excellence that I find in my fantasies which looks like her moon face? Who is she that lectures book amidst the evening? Whos she? You make my fate delightful. Mehmet!Mehmet!Mehmet’s needed to offer breakfast. I realized you would hand me over their hands. I enlightened them regarding you. I disclosed to him you’re here. Have not you left you’re far in the mountains of Romah7I am not scared of the mercilessness of my enemies…but the selling out of my companions, Saeed? Gracious, please don’t think excessively. I have arranged a trunk for you

Your comfort will be fine until we get to Ba had. Yet, after Baghdad. I won’t ensure you. J to make sure you know. Eyvallah (Thank you)…well, what do I owe it to? Unfortunately…our brotherhood b/other.M y b/other. In any case, come, let me set you up. In any case, come, let me set you up in the storage compartment. Watch out ALLAH” S.W.T* be I rented with ou.S and by regard for our martyrs…who have set the stories with their red blood…under the arch of this Blue-sky.S and in regard and salute our saints …who have made their chests fearless.^.for the solidarity of the Muslims…and for. .the Turkish homeland.T his residue of the homeland…that we put above them…will be described with the tears of our mothers.T beneficiary esteemed souls…will be…the gatekeepers of this country forever. Our saints are expecting a country from us.T hello are sitting tight for a prayer.T hello request triumph from their brilliant army.S stand up and salute to the martyrs…who have given their lives…their blood…and opened the way .to their great army. Our youngsters that…we ent used to the dirt of our country today…we are obliged to take .their vengeance regardless of what. I guarantee you, in light of that…the blood of any of them won’t go unavenged. Every breath we take…each piece of the al we eat…And each petition we perform…we will refer to their names.

The officers of Osmancik Battalion…the watchmen of the country who don’t tire…we will settle on a choice today. Hi there we will recall this soul of our storers as a shroud• • •or we will recollect the soul of our shop rs as our cover. We will I &eek to mama martyrdom…for this reason and assault the enemy… like a bolt that has emerged from its arc…and sneak to the enemy.0 the saint children of Mehmet’Mehmet A Turkish variation of Muhammad …OmarAhmet.Hassan Hussain…And numerous others…unnamed legends of this homeland…may your Sacred war be blessed.Ameen(8e it so).Wow brother.Well Done to Commander Suleyman I tell you…if it was not for him• * «we would have already rated this world before…seeing the battlefront. Thi s is the destiny, Niyazi. We’d be saints, is that bad? You again man7(I look for asylum in Allah)Did I say that we are at war when there is winning, why the destruction, why? As though we fear suffering. What? Gracious my, sibling, don’t take me talking seriously. I’m simply a half-disapproved of an individual. The astute man does n<£ saysiwtpt he knows, yet the individuals who are with a particularly half-mind as him don’t Have a clue what they are saying. Goodness, r eally7$0, my dear sibling, Where is ‘ou from in Erzurum?From A$kale, brother. Do you have relatives^there? Of you rse, my brother? Look the is my child. May HE save him from stink eyes. This is my better half. Before coming .o the war, I endowed them to my dad. May Allah save them. I likewise have a youngster like himMay Allah let us see our cherished ones once an ain in this world ln*Shaa*Allah!Ameen. (6e it so!d.Ma Allah s are them to ou. You don’t consider that at this point. Recuperate your injuries, return home safely…I trust you will be joined once more. May ALLAH (S.W T) be satisfied with you. With all of usMehmetSaeed, my sibling. Is it accurate to say that you are alright? How is your leg raise be to Allah for this, as well? What’s more, I will be in better condition significantly more In-Shaa-Allah. There’s no motivation to stress. Great to hear.Mehmet – Yes? I wish our dad could have seen us fi thin on the front “yesterday.

Try not to stress my Saeed, Our dad more likely than not seen us with his heart. His heart loaded up with confidence shivered. Would Allah present us a gift of kissing his hands once an ain in “our o inion? It’s destiny. Allah is the person Who knows. HE may permit us to kiss his hands…or our dad opens his hands and recite surah Yassin” after our passing. Lieutenant Fawad is coming. I’m going. OK, sibling. Deal with ”ourself •Keep my mental stability, gracious Allah. How frequently do I see this fantasy, is this an old sin? Who are you thank you so much, my little friend thank you without a doubt? You saved m • life. Who are you my name is Elizabeth? I’m American. What are you doing here? I’m going to Baghdad. What are your intentions in going to BaghdadiI m a writer? I will tackle my work. What are you expecting to discover in BaghdadAnd who will meet you there nobody? You’re going to Baghdad, bein” a journalist and American. but you don’t know why are ^oin; to Ba had…plus there is nobody to meet you. As though this was not enough,…You’re attempting to take pictures of m unit and Battalion Secretllike the foe and maliciously^ou are followin’* us. I’m not your one ty. America generally approves of the Ottoman Empire. We’re fr closes. The Ottoman Empire has no companions for quite a long time. I will have you in my authority. Capture her. Stand by a second. Release me. You’re making a big mistake you’ll be grieved. You’re making mistakes walk! – Let me o! 

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