Mehmetcik Kutul Amare Episode 7 With English & Urdu Subtitles

Mehmetcik Kutul Amare Episode 7 With English & Urdu Subtitles

Mehmetcik Kutul Amare Episode 7

This is Episode number 7 of Mehmetcik Kutulamare with Urdu Subtitles. Here are a few exchanges of this Episode. BAGHDAD, Episode, As SalamUAleykum! (Harmony Be Upon You)! Wa AleykümSalam! (What’s more, Peace Be Upon You Too)! , was AleykümSalam! (What’s more, Peace Be Upon You Too) , where is my Hüsrev Sheik? , My Sheik has quite recently left to the patio, Well, for what reason didn’t you go with him?, We went with him, however, he sent us back. , My Sheik, Oh my Sheik, nearly took our heart a section, my Sheik. , We have been sitting since we showed up, Omer Bey. , Let’s wipe the rust from us. , And what will befall the heart that has been rusted, my Sheik? , People are intrigued by the words you say. , Do you believe that Shaykhism, strictness, lecturing, and tekke (Dervsim) resemble sitting, eating, and making jokes? , Eyvallah(You’re correct), Look, my Sheik, your words turned like pearls again How lovely the words you said. , Well, Omer Bey, when does Osmancik Battalion come? , With “ALLAH”(S.W.T’s) authorization, they will be here this evening. , My Sheik, the dervishes are sitting tight for us around evening time. , Get yourself prepared. We will go to them InShaa”ALLAH” (BytheWillof “ALLAH”), Eyvallah (For sure). , From here, my Sheik, Ah Baghdad, I missed you, Welcome to our town, Merchant Abdulmalik. , They have come to invite you. , Whenever a vendor goes to our city, they cheerfully encompass him to make a tip. , I addressed an extraordinary cost for this city, a couple of bits of gold won’t hurt my pocket. , Come on. , Why did you stop? , Merchant Abdulmelik is merciless to criminals as it were. , Go on! Go on, To everybody, Get your offer! , From Abdulmalik!, Come on, please!, Thanksgiving, They love you definitely, And the more they think about me, the more they will adore me, To everybody! , Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim (Start with the name of “ALLAH” who is Most Compassionate and the Most Merciful”). , Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim” ( Start with the name of ALLAH” who is Most Compassionate and the Most Merciful”).

Sallallahu ala Mustafa” May Peace Be Upon Mustafa ” , Allahhme salli ala seyyidina mohammedin … Gracious Allah, may harmony be upon our Muhammed Mustafa… , ve ala alihi ve sahbihi ve setlim and his family and his partners and his devotees” , La ilahe illallah There is no god aside from “ALLAH” (s.w.t) , La ilahe illallah There is no god with the exception of ALLAH” (s.w.t) , La ilahe illallah There is no god aside from “ALLAH” (s.w.t) , You I love somewhere down in through the life , You I love somewhere down in through the life” , I have a route somewhere down in through this ceremonies” , I have a route somewhere down in through this customs” , Sheriat (rules of the religion) Tarikat (sufi ways) will be approaches to who might reach , Sheriat (rules of the religion) Tarikat (sufi ways) will be approaches to who might reach’ , Hakikat (the truth, the embodiment) marifet (The genuine information and expertise coming understanding the unity with eveything through knowing one’s own self) being more profound in through them , Hakikat (the truth, the pith) marifet (The genuine information and ability coming understanding the unity with eveything through knowing one’s own self) being more profound in through them , They said Suleyman (Soloman) knows the language of feathered creatures” , They said Suleyman(Soloman) knows the language of fowls’ , There is a Soloman somewhere down in through Soloman’ , How are you, troopers? , We’re acceptable, much appreciated! , There is a Soloman somewhere down in through Soloman, As SalamUAleykum! (Harmony Be Upon You)! , Wa AleykumSalam Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barkatahu! (Peace, benevolence, and gift of Allah Be with you)! , It is certain that the handy hands that made this Arab cover and have made the most lovely dreams communicated in this piece of craftsmanship, The abilities of our ladies in painstaking work…, are important for our way of life. , Women, are the delightful blossoms that make the world lovely, Is not so right, Habib? , The blossoms of the desert will be thistles. On the off chance that you don’t see, it will hurt your soul. , Osmancik Battalion, has entered the city. , Beautiful.

We, at last, got the news we were hanging tight for. , We need to begin work now. We should have just a single objective, To topple all the plans of the Osmancik Battalion. , This will open the route for the pioneers, Who will set up the Arab unity. , If you need to open the path in the desert, you need to wander off. , Otherwise, you will be lost in the dust storm. , Habbab, the Champion of the deserts, I can see the blazes of the fire consuming inside you. , I might want to see the substance of Suleyman after he gets this terrible news. , The place where there is 1,000 and one Nights, Baghdad. , I’ve missed this spot to such an extent. , When we make our heavenly armed force lift, and drive the English out of our territories, will our legends be spoken in our chronicled books what do you say, Adil Bey. , My administrator, I lament to reveal to you such news when you showed up. , What occurred, Commander, Sufi Bey, was fallen hostage by the British alongside his warriors. , When? , While you’re out and about. , The British who kidnapped Sufi Bey, Go on, They additionally involved the Kurna. , Jameel. Indeed. , Time is short. , The foe is drawing nearer. , Until my next request, Not simply dozing yet resting is illegal for us, So, the present circumstance may have upset the confidence of our troopers and officials, and kept them from triumph. , There is no untruth, my leader. Everybody’s spirits are in urgency, never. , We won’t ever permit such a thing to have happened. , There is no room in our souls for edginess. , Where is Jawed Bey?, At the cutting edge. Holding up in the safeguard, First of all,

We should save our warriors from this urgency in their chests. , If the Arab clans that call for detachment see that the Ottoman state is draining, they will affect individuals to insubordination. , That is the reason the letters we have kept in touch with ancestral pioneers should rapidly contact them. , And to accumulate our government agents in the area too. , The war has recently started, Let the foe see. How do wars occur? , As you request. , Attention! , Go on, Fawad lieutenant. My administrator. , Enver Pasha’s letters to the clan leaders. , It is in your trust from now. , Perhaps you are taking the eventual fate of our state’s kin. , If you passed on; however, you will send letters to their places. , It’s the ideal opportunity for war. The foe is all over, Do not belittle and fall into a snare. , Is that unmistakable? , We got it, my commandant! , May your methodologies be open and your Sacred battle is honored, Thanks. , Mehmet what’s going on with you? What’s happening with you? , This is sufficient. Saeed. , It’s finished, They won’t send me back. , Not presently, Not currently. , Not presently. , Let everybody be situated in their places I’ll get you out of here. , Okay? I will. , Not currently. Alright. , The trucks that will go to the tribes are prepared. , Get in. , This is your truck, my leader. , Saeed, you will likewise accompany us. , But my authority, I and Commander Suleyman Bey. , We will go out and about right away. , You know Arabic, isn’t that right? Indeed, I do, my Commander! , Beautiful. Get the ponies. , Pull the trucks. Please. Pick up the pace. , you as well, rush. Prepare rapidly. , as you like, my officer. , Damn, May revile fall on them! , You have been meandering since we came. , I’d prefer to … Quiet down

Try not to meddle in my work. , Look, I’m additionally exceptionally furious. However, I’m remaining conscious. , I came over from Istanbul in a trunk. , got shot in my foot. , I have been drained and have not seen the substance of the bed for quite a long time. , And now I am in a cesspool loaded with mice. , Do not converse with me about politeness. , You more likely than not annoyed with the Turks without question. , Do you think I merit this? , If the Turks are doing this, they should be correct, ought not they? , OK. Quiet down, Excuse me. , Move. Move, I said, move. , Who right? , My name is Elizabeth. I’m a writer. , So, the columnist’s turn has come, as well. , What do you mean by turn? The turn of tasting the torture of the Turks, I won’t remain here for long. , What about you? Is there anybody stressed over you, No, He failed to remember me in this feared place? , Who failed to remember? , Someone you won’t ever know. , Do not fail to remember I’m a writer. , If you share your story with me, possibly I can cause the entire world to hear it. , I would prefer to converse with the mice than you, Now shut up, Die … Pass on, you jerk. Rubbish! , Die, kick the bucket. , The Ottoman Empire didn’t open your country to no end, Everyone needs to be a rich and profound culture. , We are not affected by anybody’s way of life. , Habbab, tune in to the agreement of this music. , How phenomenal they are, How secretive, the soul of man heats up and get comfortable. , Suleyman Askari started his moves. , He sends a gathering of letters to the adjoining clans. , Wilson, Get these letters and make them frustrated in any capacity conceivable with Habib. , As you say, By the way, Mr. Cox, Victoria, and that American writer was caught and they held them, So Victoria is as yet alive. , Listen to the substance of this music, Jassim. , Saeed. What is it, Mehmet, what’s going on here? , Where are we going? We just showed up in Baghdad, To the lower part of Hell. Enough. I’m getting out. , What do you mean, did you get distraught? , I said I’ll get out! Stop. , Stop. Have a little tolerance. You instigator.

Presently hear me out cautiously. , We follow the Ottoman military units from the distance. , And we will squash them when we locate a reasonable spot. , Habbab, doesn’t take orders from anybody. , If you need to escape this desert alive, You will complete my orders. , You are the pioneer, my companion, It’s sufficient to get to the objective, OK, we should go?…

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