The legendary story of Mehmet and his friends within the Ottoman state ready for the primary World War, the sole dream is that the resurrection and liberation of the state, and there's nothing quite a love of homeland in the heart. Watch Mehmetcik Kutul Amare Episode 8 Below...

Mehmetcik Kutul Amare Episode 8


This is Episode number 8 of Mehmetcik Kutulamare with Urdu Subtitles. Here are some accounts of this Episode. Epısod Tell me Jassim advise me again Tell me without surpassing any detail As said Suleyman Askeri confronted the reactions he didn’t expect Especially from the vendor Omar and that Sheik purported Hüsrev they transparently contradicted the Ottomans in the meeting with clear conduct So whaî did Suleyman do He shed the blood And the blood of that shipper Omar Omar Isn t that Omar who coordinates sonnets of praise of the Ottomans in the carvanserai Yes that s what amazed me Trader Omar appreciated the Ottoman Empire And currently transformed into a foe That s incredible The shedding of blood implies that the fire will get greater We should speak with these men straightaway Jassim But this sharp demonstration made me presume We should need to test them The man lost his hand I don’t know Sheik Husrev but I have never seen Omer like that What s your doubt for Mr Cox If you need to know Suleyman not simply just your hand you would even need to lose your head Maybe Sheik Husrev likewise impacted Omer I will lead the fundamental examinations Rosary It truly comforts individuals Tell me Jassim disclose to me everything from the start Tell me so I read the soul of my foe What are we going to do Mevlut Sergeant We remained in this center of the desert in this much cool Niyazı Yeah Have you become old Who are you discussing me I am as yet youthful and fiery Maa Shaa ALLAH Praise Be to ALLAH Really We understand what we need to do These are insufficient for us.

We ll burrow this spot and we ll go under The soil will cover us Yes yes Well what are you hanging tight for Go on beginning Digging man What sort of act is this man I was thinking something You re right let s burrow the ground I have not eaten my anchovy it s been quite a while Well listen when the war is over we will return to our homeland together Why is that Why would it be To get some anchovy And I ll make rice in a huge plate along with it And then we will mix out tea And I will likewise bring the milk margarine with my anchovy rice pudding with it I look for asylum in Allah And I hear you out as a man Oh my Allah my Mighty Lord Oh my ruler excuse me I smell anchovy Seriously I swear I swear that the anchovy smell goes to my nose Dig it more Maybe you can discover anchovies Yes let s burrow May your methodologies be open May ilah shield you from the darkness of the desert and from its threats There was no requirement for this May ALLAH S W T be satisfied with you ou saved my kids s life can this dry bread and milk be great Be cautious Do not concern Nothing will happen to this huge lady And my dear Zainab knows how to deal with herself That s enough live with harmony Oh my dear Here we go Bismillah with the name of ALLAH Adam My officer these are the inheritances of our Martyred Lieutenant Fawad May his declaration be acknowledged honored Jameel We are for the most part upset for our misfortune Is there any report from Niyazi and Mevlut There is still no news Commander Talk to the tribes without losing any time They are to know each grain of sand in the desert Do what you do and discover me Mehmat I need Mehmet Jameel This country needs Mehmet Mevlüt and Niyazi are as yet out searching for them When they discover Saeed they will discover Mehmet If we do noî discover him he will come and discover us if the circumstance goes like this Maa Shaa ALLAH Let nobody s stink eye be on him see the kid he has experienced a ton of mishaps.

Basically isn’t that what we need Commander It is it is But presently need him here Find me this man and bring him here promptly Fawad my dear weapon accomplice Do not concern we will cover the British and backstabbers in these grounds Saeed Yes What is it now I ve loosened myself I got my hands free And now I will unfasten your hands Get up Stand upstanding Together in the great and the awful my sibling Together in the great and terrible The letters are in that pack OK You take the letters And I ll upset their men s request You bring ponies while I divert men You can not face every one of them on your own We assault the men at a similar second and take the letters and ride the pony and go Is that reasonable Alright Hey what are you discussing It is time Oh the just a single Allah The detainees are fleeing Saeed Letters are up to me I know proceed Mehmet run my lionheart flee and save the nation flee Run Saeed Run Run Mehmet Run Mehme Saeed Run my lion I will return sibling I will come and save you this is my guarantee to you He is removing letters Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim Start wish the name of ALLAH who is Most Compassionate and the Most Merciful Your sibling left you and went Now disclose to me his place to make you meet He went to the lower part of hellfire Go and get him What the damnation do you figure you re doing m addressing him Mr Cox His sibling got away from What did you say His sibling the warrior He took the letters and got away from Habbab you know the desert in a way that is better than us If I ask you would you be able to find that fighter Sure Let us think from the start The officer escaped and you tied his sibling and tortured him to become familiar with his place Is that right I am exceptionally sorry Has your sibling at any point been to Baghdad before Noü Nö That implies that he doesn’t have the foggiest idea about these regions While even his sibling doesn’t have a clue where he will go will you take in his whereabout from his hopeless sibling Wilson you caused me to feel frustrated.

You never comprehend a detainee s condition You should feel what a detainee feels to comprehend his condition Tie Mr Wilson too to the hostage similarly Do not be apprehensive So did you see what are the advantages of dandelion spice Oh my gradnmother do I need to breeze through an assessment everytime It s simple to discover Benefit of harshness and liver Do not say that my girl is not life itself a test Hmm Think about it What are we doing in this extraordinary desert What business will it be We disseminate mending to the individuals who need it And this is the reason for our life in this world illusion of this unending desert she has showed up before me again like an endowment of Allah Oh what Am I discussing I will fulfull your desire Will you truly accomplish what I am asking You simply say that my desert winds that design my evenings Bury yourself in this sand then Shut up I adored your harsh tone Efsa Woman don’t be apprehensive We won’t hurt you I am Zeynab s future spouse Look at me Habbab If both of us stay in this world I won’t be your better half If I seize you now How would you oppose me I need you to be fulfilled But my patient likewise has restricts so you realize that Stop there Habbab Do do whatever it takes not to make another stride further Allah is watching I ll cut my neck Zeynep my little girl Do not meddle to my work grandma Desert is my observer No one like you went to the land of the Arabs and won’t come Zeynep definitely one day you will be my significant other I apologize I m a little late Mr Cox Do not lessen regard I m conversing with my valuable visitor Excuse me what did you say You honorless Honorless What a revolting name is this Is that how they call you honorless No issue We will play a basic game with you I will pose you a few inquiries and you will reply.

In each off-base answer I will draw lines on your body And in each right answer I ll draw lines on Wilson s body Is there something tremendous I think you got it So let s start I ll start with a straightforward inquiry How numerous fighters are there in Osmancık Battlion Seven hundred Congratulations you know WtJson Very basic There isn’t anything that can not be justifiable So allowed s to go to the second inquiry Let s go on What was written in the letter I don’t know alse Let me ask again What was written in that letter I don’t realize It was fixed how would I know Good Congratulations now you realize It was fixed how might you realize Wilson Third question Who composed those letters I don’t know False So decent of you re solid When there is no spot left on your body your right will end and I will be compelled to kill you Be cautious I am asking again Who composed those letters Could he be Enver Pasha You from where did I realized I realized you know about it But I ll acknowledge it right Wilson Do not be apprehensive do not be apprehensive If they are from Anwar Pasha Then this ought to be a call A call of Jihad Struggle Well another inquiry How numerous gatherings like you have come out I don’t realize I swear I don’t realize True It isn’t feasible for you to know this you re right You addressed accurately Wilson If you were at that point mindful of these why did you ask you knave For Wilson His wounds make him not fail to remember the mistakes he has made for the duration of his life .

At that point what do you need from me There isn’t anything I will get from you I m playing a game I needed to have a great time We all need to have a good time So that is the reason I needed to have a good time Lift him Come From here Get back to your positions This is a tremendous slip-up and it ought not to be failed to remember  What is my name Cox It s alright it’s alright all great alright It was ideal to play with you My g and mother Are you oka…

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