The Turkish Television Drama series Uyanis buyuk selcuklu (Nizam-e-Alam) Episode 17 Cast in Urdu has been extremely popular in Pakistan since this started airing in Pakistan. Its Popular " Turkish History Series "

In Nizam-e-alam ( Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu ) Episode 16, Malik Shah orders Firdos to be found to find out the truth About Elchin. In the interim, Nizam discovers that the Crusader armed force’s vanguard troops are drawing nearer and quickly sends news to caution Sanjar. Tapar and his officers from the Selcuk armed force show up similarly as Markus will assault Sanjar. Melik Shah discovers that Firdevs had ended it all and peruses her self-destruction note. Malik Shah cautions Elcin for starting an examination alone and gives her the errand to go to Anatolia. Malik Shah says that Terken can’t tackle her work competently enough and excuses her. In Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Scene 16, Many Turkish troopers take Hassan and take him to the royal residence. One of the Christian fighters removes the book and runs. Sanjar begins following this man to get the book.

 Markus sends a portion of his officers to help Einar and discovers that Elcin is en route to Anatolia. Hassan shows up at the castle harmed, and Nizam discovers that he was gotten with the book. Different fighters sent by Markus get Elcin in transit. Markus is profoundly disheartened by Eynar’s passing and promises to execute Sanjar. Malik Shah begins conversing with Zubeyde and requests that she reestablish the request in the royal residence. While Hassan thinks Markus has taken the book, Sanjar goes to the castle with the book. Hassan understands that his end is close and requests the royal residence wrecked if essential. Zubeyde gives all the Hatuns in the castle new errands and requests that they learn new things.

In Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Scene 16, Terken leaves her space to see the Ruler; however, Zubeyde doesn’t permit her. As Ghazali attempts to disentangle the mystery book codes, Hassan (Dai) requests that Faysal wed Turna. Zubeyde dresses the injury on Malik Shah’s arm. Malik Shah says he is considering sending her mom someplace more normal for Seferiye’s wellbeing. That evening, Hassan plans to slaughter Malik Shah if the mysteries of the book are uncovered. Faysal considers how to save his dad. Ilteber discovers that Turna is out to meet Sanjar and gets furious. Faysal comes to meet Ilteber and discloses that he needs to wed Turna to secure the exchange between them. Malik Shah sends her mom to Kinik plain with Tapar to get natural air.

Nizam e alam Episode 17, But In previous Episode Malik Shah calls Hassan and Sanjar. Melik Shah inquires as to whether he works for Fatimids, yet Hassan denies it. Hassan starts to clarify how he found the book. Sanjar and Tapar begin asking Hassan inquiries, yet Nizam-ul-Mulk protects him. Malik Shah says that he doesn’t trust Hassan and needs to execute him. After what Nizam stated, Malik Shah adjusts his perspective and says that he will choose in the wake of realizing what is written in the mystery book.

In Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Scene 16, The covert agent lady sent by Behram goes to the plain. Hassan discovers that somebody is going to the royal residence to settle the privileged insights in the book. The present circumstance stresses Hassan a great deal. Turn expresses gratitude toward Basulu for everything and embarks to get back with Sanjar. Behram discovers that Sanjar has left the plain yet can’t comprehend where he is going. Markus gets furious about this, yet Behram discloses to him that he can execute Sanjar’s mom. Markus is excited and embarks on slaughtering Sanjar’s mom. At the point when Turna gets back, Ilteber discloses to her that she should wed Faysal. Turna reveals to her dad that she won’t wed Faysal, and Ilteber slaps her. Arslantas associates the vanishing with the lady on the plane and promptly makes a move. At the point when Sanjar understands that there is an assault on the guard leaving the plain, he embarks to help them.

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If you want to watch Nizam-e-Alam Complete Episode 17  With English Subtitles (Awakenings of The Great Seljuk) with no ads, then You may watch Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 17 (Awakening The Great Seljuk) Series with English Subtitles by Visiting Erturul.comOr clicking below, on the other hand.

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