Nizam-e-Alam Season 1 Episode 18 With Urdu & English Subtitles

Nizam-e-Alam Season 1 Episode 18 With Urdu & English Subtitles

In the previous Nizam e alam Episode 18 there are lot of great scenes as well as funny scenes you can watch it by getting link at the end of post or by going to home page. Now I will tell you what happened in the previous episode and which actors did it, And in the last episode you will see a lot of fun filled scenes Especially at the end of the episode, Saba’s scene was the most funniest.

 Markus sends a portion of his officers to help Einar and discovers that Elcin is en route to Anatolia. Hassan shows up at the castle harmed, and Nizam discovers that he was gotten with the book. Different fighters sent by Markus get Elcin in transit. Markus is profoundly disheartened by Eynar’s passing and promises to execute Sanjar. Malik Shah begins conversing with Zubeyde and requests that she reestablish the request in the royal residence. While Hassan thinks Markus has taken the book, Sanjar goes to the castle with the book. Hassan understands that his end is close and requests the royal residence wrecked if essential. Zubeyde gives all the Hatuns in the castle new errands and requests that they learn new things.


In Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 17, Nizam gathers the gatekeepers to catch Hassan. However, the watchmen are Hassan’s mystery men in the royal residence. Hassan takes the mystery book and attempts to escape from the royal residence. Then, Sanjar begins searching for the individuals who assaulted the guard. After leaving the royal residence, Hassan utilizes the fire in the road to reach out to his adherents. The Fatimids understand that Hassan’s actual character has been uncovered and make a move seeing the dark smoke.

In Uyanis’s last episode, Malik Shah discovers that the Fatimids have begun assaulting and arranges nobody to leave Isfahan. Sanjar gets an injured Christian fighter and gets some information about Markus’ area. Tajul sees Hassan in the city. However, Hassan reveals to him they will cooperate later on and flees. Melik Shah and his warriors keep on battling the Fatimids in the roads. Nizam catches Sadiq, one of Hassan’s assistants, at the castle. Afterward, Nizam says Hassan can utilize the mystery sections under the city, and Melik Shah arranges the entries to load up with water. Sanjar and Tapar visit Basulu and converses with her.

To watch nizam e Alam episode 18, see at the end of this page. In Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu’s last Episode, Selcuk warriors discover Hassan oblivious. However, Faysal salvages his dad. After Sanjar and Tapar cover the saints, news comes that Melik Shah welcomed them to the castle. Zubeyde gives a blade preparing to the young ladies in the castle. However, Terken is awkward with it. Nizam says that the warriors were searching for Hassan, yet the Fatimids may have saved him.

In Seljuk turks Episode 18, There upon, Malik Shah goes to the prison and examines Sadiq. Sadiq can presently don’t persevere through the torment and discusses a basement. Behram and Faysal save Hassan, yet as the mystery book gets wet, all the engravings vanish. Hassan needs to go to the basement with his supporters. However, Behram says it is risky. Immediately, Hassan plans to utilize Markus’ officers. Melik Shah says that he is vexed about the dead Turks, and he will converse with Sanjar’s mom at the earliest opportunity. Sanjar says that Hassan will look for help from Markus and discusses gold.

In Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 18, The landlord gets dubious and sends the gold he gets from them to Nizam. Faysal readies the gold ingots, and yet, Sanjar goes to the mine. Sanjar says that the mine ought to be shut on the Sultan’s organization and needs to look through the mine. Faysal pulls his blade and discloses to Sanjar that nobody carried gold to the mine. Sanjar shows the Sultan’s structure and searches the mine.

In Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 18, Faysal educates Ilteber concerning what occurred at the mine and says he needs to wedding Turna the following day. Ilteber contemplates the gold he will get from Faysal and supports this marriage. As Melik Shah plans to go to Shalamzar, he requests that Zubeyde go to Kinik plain and converse with Sanjar’s mom. Turkish covert operatives follow the Christian troopers who come to Shalamzar and locate their mystery concealing spot in the woodland. Sanjar attempts to find the hired fighters who came to help Markus.

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In Seljuk turks last Episode, Terken plans endowments to take to Sanjar’s mom, yet Zubeyde restricts her and says she will go alone. Zubeyde says that she is the mother of the beneficiary to the seat and leaves. Nizam and Malik Shah follow the tracks left by spies. Sanjar finds the hired soldiers and keeps on after them. Markus and Hassan get some answers concerning Sanjar that he has taken the gold from the mine. To save time, Markus says he will save the hired soldiers for two days and kills the covert operatives who tail them.

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