Rise of Empires Episode 2 With Urdu & English Subtitles


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In Rise of Empire Episode 2 the King Mehmet sent a harmony offer to Emperor Constantine once and for all, however, Emperor Constantine didn’t acknowledge this benevolent offer. The Ottoman Empire has a solid armada however this armada doesn’t give any profit as it can’t enter the Golden Horn. Hassock chief naval officer Suleiman Baltoghlu took the assignment of halting the forthcoming Italian boats. Four Christian boats enter the Sea of Marmara. In the meantime, the officers of Sultan Mehmet burrow under the dividers. They attempt to obliterate the dividers utilizing these passages. Under the administration of Scottish John Grant, the warriors burrowed burrows inside the city, forestalling the advancement of the Ottoman passages. The Ottoman armada began to fire Italian boats with guns and a discharge began the boats.

Yet, Italian boats come one next to the other and oppose to forestall Ottoman warriors from getting on their boats. The breeze in the ocean helps Italian boats and four Italian boats enter the Golden Horn at last. 140 Ottoman boats can’t stop four Italian boats and Sultan Mehmet gathers Baltoghlu with him. Baltoghlu is excused when Halil Pasha intercedes finally. Loukas Notaras escapes the dividers and converses with Candarli Halil Pasha. Loukas Notaras says that Sultan Mehmet should acknowledge thrashing or it is just a short time before the unified Christian armed force shows up. While Sultan Mehmet is thinking one evening, he figures out how to get the Ottoman boats into the Golden Horn and advises it to Zaganos Pasha the following day. Ruler Mehmet needs to convey the naval force over land.

After this assault, Giustiniani needs to withdraw, and seriously harmed Giustiniani leaves the front line. Seeing Giustiniani is gone, the fighters are discouraged and the protection line is broken. Janissaries cross the dividers and enter the city. Constantinople fell on May 29, Mehmet the Conqueror enters the city. Ruler Mehmet goes directly to Hagia Sophia. Ruler Loukas is caught and gotten in front of Sultan Mehmet. Loukas needs to give Sultan a blessing, yet Sultan doesn’t acknowledge it. Master Loukas says that his aim is acceptable and that he has just addressed Candarli Halil Pasha about harmony. Ruler Mehmet calls Halil Pasha and converses with him. At that point, he sends Halil Pasha to close to Lord Loukas. Mara goes to Sultan Mehmet and says that he has the red apple now.

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