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آپ سے درخواست کی جاتی ہے کہ ارتغرل غازی ڈرامہ کی تمام اقساط ہماری ویب سائٹ پر دیکھیں - شکریہ

In Ertugrul Drama Series we are presenting Ertugrul Season 1 with 720P quality. Dirilis is a course of action about the father of Usman who was the Originator of Stool Domain. The Usman Dad’s name is Ertugrul. He is an especially bold and kind man. The name oftribe is Kayi which Belongs to Oghuz Faimly. Ertugrul season 1 was the offspring of Suleman Shah who was the pioneer of Clan. Kayi tribe was amazingly notable about its officials faces in clashes. In the essential season, the Kayi family was in a fight with the Knights. Ertugrul starts to look all idealistic at the young lady of King. Later on, He marries to her. Suleman Shah is a perfect and very wise Bey of Kayi tribe. He encourages his youngsters to go on the right way. A lot of challenges in Ertugrul season 1 and his companions.

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In Ertugrul Season 1 The Turkmen tribe who ambushed and captured a Seljuk commander. Who do you think Sultan Aladdin will call savage when he finds out all about. Do not waste your breath, Kara Toygar. We will set a court and your verdict will be given according to our customs. When custom speaks, Beys stop talking, as well as the sultan. -Father? -Are you alright, my Bey? Would you like to rest a bit? I am fine, Deli Demir. I am fine. Are we returning to the tribe, father? No. First, we will take back the goods this lowlife looted from our caravan. Afsin Bey, you know that I would die for you….but what if this court ruling goes bad? Do not worry, Sari. Trust me. It’s clear that Kurdoglu was waiting for the opportunity. How else could he act so quickly to take over the post? Shameless man. He even took the Bey symbols with him. And we are sitting here with our hands tied. Enough, Aykiz. Enough. You make a fuss without knowing how the state is run. -Do I have permission, Mother Hayme? -Come, my girl. Come. What happened? You all have been waiting in pain.In Ertugrul Season 1 I wanted to bring you something to eat. Thank you, my girl. Put it on the table and sit with us. We all wait with anxiety. While Suleyman Shah is leading them, they will all come back safe and sound. But my sister is worrying a lot about my uncle Gundogdu. You all wait for your fathers….and I pray for Ertugrul Bey. You are correct. I know the sorrow your sister is going through. But tell her not to worry….we shall leave the tribe soon. If God permits, they will all return safe and sound. We can only pray for them. You bloodless dogs. Lowlifes! I will kill you all! Kill you all. You will pay for all of these! I will destroy you all! No one in this world will remember neither your tribe nor the name Kayi. I will kill you all! You shall leave immediately. You will catch that dog called Gundogdu..before he reaches his tribe…and you’ll bring him to Falcon Hill.- Falcon Hill? -Falcon Hill, yes. Those Kayi goat herders are setting us a trap there. Did you hear, Sari? They think they can finish Kara Toygar off. My Bey, if you like we can go beforehand to take precautions. Yes, Sari Boru…place your most trusted archers among the rocks of Falcon Hill. When I give the signal…I want to turn that place into hell for Kayis. As you wish!

In Ertugrul Season 1 Episode 1 1225 – Kayi Tribe -Ever Living God! -Righteous God! -Ever-Living God! – ighteous God! -Ever-Living God! -Righteous God! -Ever-Living God! -Righteous God! Even the iron could not stand reciting of God and gave in. Wait a bit! Take a look at this one. Magnificent! I pity the enemy whose final breath will be taken by this sword. In the hands of a valiant like you…let it be the sound of the oppressed, wrath to the tyrants, if God permits. I’m ready to sacrifice myself for God, who gave you to us. For the love of God, in the name of my forefather Oguz, I’ll gird it with honor. Reach me your hands. What is the matter? Your tumblers are restless again. We are going hunting. They are getting ready. Are there any animals left to hunt in this famine? You are right but…hunting keeps the Alps fit. if we find a way to keep our tribe alive i Think its better. That can only be decided at the headquarters tomorrow. If we don’t migrate from this highland before winter, we would be doomed. In Ertugrul Season 1  Episode 1 But if you say that you know a solution, tell us as well. My brother Gundogdu knows these matters better than me. If you wish, talk to him. With Gundogdu? No, he never breathes a single word about. Is this what you bought for 40 coins? This is called a map. What is it used for? Look, we are here Right at where these mountains are. This is Aleppo. This is Baghdad. And this is Damascus And this is Konya, where the Sultan’s palace is Let go of the palaces of the sultans and khans and…tell us where the tribe shoul migrate to, Gundogdu The elders are having a blonde moment. Your father is quiet. He is sitting in his ten just like a groomed owl. Erturul….Erturul.

In Ertugrul Season 1 Episode 1-10 Explained Soon …. Mama Hayme, why are you taking it this awesome girl in your tent? Everything that happened is his fault, isn’t it? How can he have a face to live in our nation? How can you try to doubt my decisions? Get out of here now! I said now! Beys, come on, let’s talk inside. Everyone in the nation is appreciated. What happened? How dare you add your Bey’s such a tent? They wanted to talk to their Bey, Mother Hayme. And I accepted their offer. The kingdom comes first though otherwise it is eaten by crows. Submit! I said move! Whatever happens, do not reveal it. -Yes, sir. -Yes, sir. Submit! Post Shahzadas, Ertugrul. And you send my dad! Submit! Kill them all! Kill them all What if Suleyman Shah does not return, My baby? My Bey, what if Kara Toygar doesn’t come dow and attack us?
We see that the nation has it many chronic problems. We didn’t know … … that toys have a lot of work to do to worry … … combine headquarters meetings every opportunity they get. To show your courage, you have been waiting for your Bey to sacrifice. We didn’t know this, until now. In Ertugrul Season 1 Suleyman Shah, who returned many battles are sweating blood … … would you be proud of yourself if he had seen you like this. Kill them all! Why not attack? Why Move them. I told you kill them all! Kill them all! This is deceptive! Cheating! I’m scared! You will pay for all of this! Attack! Your brother is still in my hand, Ertugrul! If something happens to me … Keep your spirit, Kara Toygar. No one will help you. I want to talk to you alone, Ertugrul Bey. We are not alone, Alps. I was an officer in the Seljuk army years. World of Seljuk I fought inside and outside the country. I shed blood and the ending threw me to my Shahzada. From now on, my only wish, my only job to protect my Shahzada and her family. That’s why  contacted the soldier I know insid Kara Toygar’s army. That is the case, Ertugrul Bey. Here’s what I want again, Afsin Bey. Protecting my nation, my family, Halime … and the family of Halime. As our desire and desire is the same … we must stand firm like mountains against this dog named Kara Toygar. He is a hero, Ertugrul Bey … to fight you pride, glory to me. Then tell me, Afsin Bey. Those are the soldiers you ar contacting How effective are they? Let me put it this way, Ertugrul Bey. They are so influential that anytime Kara Toygar will apologize …. no one will hear you. Let’s make him ask for mercy then. Therefore, it is our job to be the sword and your work as a shield … in battle at Falcon Hill, Afsin Bey. We will attack and you will save the Seljuk soldiers … on the side where they need to be. Just Ertugrul Bey. We will definitely be there. Today, we will stand with the innocent but against the wicked. The Creator of innocence knows that. May God be with us and help us. Sari Boru. Sari Boru! You will pay for this. You wicked one May you burn in hell, Kara Toygar. You will all die with the Shahza family In Ertugrul Season 1. Those days are over, Mama Hayme. Time to think about it how shall we pass over the cliff that is before us Alpargu! Know your location! Well, we’ll talk about the future of our nation … but this is also the home of Suleyman Shah. It’s not fair to bother Mama Hayme. She is in as much pain as she is. We were unreasonable. Let’s move on to my tent. Take Bey’s signs to my tent. We all apologize for our loss, brother. Traveling ambush, Alps was not your fault. Did you know before? Did you know that Num was there Shahzada before? No, I just read it. But obviously In Ertugrul Season 1 they had good reason to hide it. He played it just as he played it … but you still protect them! Let me go, you shepherds! Who do you think you are? Let me go! Your cruelty will no longer help you, Kara Toygar.

In Ertugrul Season 1 The Ertugrul Bey……there are subjects we want to discuss.As if what she triggered have been now no longer enough……she is now hiding at the back of mom Hayme.Wolf in a sheep’s conceal.But I swear I will make you pay for this, Halime Sister Gokce, wherein the hell are you?Which nook did you conceal in?Sister.Some degenerate is hiding at the back of mom Hayme…and my sister is hiding in a hollow alone!Sister! You are mistaken!I am now no longer hiding anywhere.I am coming from the tent,I became with them.Look at my sister.I approached them withan excuse for bringing food.I stated what I had to mention andI heard what I desired to listen.What did you listen?Kurdoglu took the Bey symbolsand carried them to his tent.It is plain that they misplaced desire of Suleyman Shah’s return.-Did he take the Bey symbols to his tent?-Yes.Kurdoglu. What is your intention?You wait here.Sister!Stop, Gundogdu.Today, I noticed the way you checked out Ertugrul. You are his brother.A brother must now no longer lookat his brother with hatred.Moreover, he risked his existence to keep you.Father, what are you saying?He risked his existence, is that so?I do now no longer understand whether or not he risked his existencefor us or for his precious guests.I understand one factor.It’s Ertugrul’s fault that we’re on this.You have hate to your eyesafter the ambush at the caravan.You search for a scapegoat responsible.Are you comfortable, Kurdoglu?Are you happy with sitting on SuleymanShah’s throne in preference to saving Gundogdu?I do now no longer respond as I understandyou fear approximately your husband’s existence……however understand your place, Selcan Hatun.I understand my place,this is why I am wondering you!Why don’t you do anythingto keep Gundogdu?Do you notice what goes on on this tribe?Do you listen them?We have had all styles of trouble.Our tribe might have fallen apart if I had now no longer stepped in.Who became responsible for the ones many troubles?Wasn’t it you who stirred up the trouble?I advised you the matters Suleyman Shah becamepreserving secret, I dedicated a crime……however what did you do? Nothing!-What did you anticipate me to do?Do you notice me as a traitor? Did you thinkthat I might percentage the name of the game plans……of my tribe with the enemy?What will show up to them?If that canine known as Kara Toygarkills my husband…We will pray for them to be spared.This is all we are able to do.We want to get out of the Seljuk territoryearlier than all hell breaks unfastened again.Not for myself however for my son who’s in deep sleep blind to anything.I apprehend you, my Shahzada.I wager this is the first-class direction of action for everyone’s sake.But we’d want horses and guns to leave.I even have any other plan in my mind.After the funerals, I shall requestpermission from my father to visit Aleppo.I can take you theresecure and sound with my Alps.-After that…-Thank you, Ertugrul Bey. Thank you.I shall usually be grateful to youand your family.Tomorrow we will communicate with Suleyman Shahand activate as quickly as possible. Ertugrul? You aren’t asleep.You aren’t asleep both.We controlled to win this time as well……however there’s some thing consuming me inside, Deli Demir.How did Kara Toygar understand that we have been here?The factor this is consuming your coronary heart insideis consuming my coronary heart as well.Look……I will let you know some thing however…Tell me, Deli Demir.That night time the ones puppies raided Halime’s tent……the person that drove me awayfrom the tent……became Kurdoglu.I don’t need responsible anyonewith out proof, even Kurdoglu however……that is a trouble of the tribe.I desired you to understand that.Amanos Mountains.Only the only who’s eliminating them from the desk is aware of the winner.Be cautious and don’t make me angryearlier than you move into the box.Can Titus nevertheless preventKayis from coming to Aleppo?I do now no longer understand whether or not he can prevail or now no longer.I can’t expect what’s going to show up and this is grievous!Tell them to get prepared, Marcus.You are coming with me to Aleppo.We have a few enterprise to attendwith Nasir.Do you’ve got got any otherorders for Titus, sir?Tell him to make Kara Toygar a hearthplace of wrath for Kayis.He can both do that himselfor use Kurdoglu.This will be his choice,as he may be accountable for the outcome.Where is Suleyman Shah?They say that our caravan became ambushed.Where are the bodies, my Bey?He is right. Where is the Bey, wherein arethe bodies? What is happening, Kurdoglu?Beys of Kayi.Today isn’t always the day for complaints.We nevertheless haven’t any information from our tribe’spillar Suleyman Shah and our Alps.God forbid, we want to be preparedfor all possibilities.The team spirit and destiny ofour tribe is beneathneath threat.And this Aleppo issuewithinside the center of some of these troubles.The choice our Bey took in right times……must be reconsidered beneathneaththose harsh conditions.What else are we able to do, Kurdoglu?What is to your mind?Before I kingdom the factor on my mind,I would love to remind you that……Suleyman Shah left me in charge earlier than placing off.My coronary heart isn’t always in peace with placing footat the unknown direction of Aleppo.To migrate, we want to find…-Suleyman Shah has returned!-Suleyman Shah is back!Stop!Stop! Stop!Don’t do matters that might now no longer match us!We shall communicate approximatelythe trial withinside the headquarters.Our customs will decide him.Tie him as much as the log.Let move of me!I will kill you all!-Kill him!-Don’t make him live!-Kill him!-Kill him!…So its not end Yet Ertugrul Season 1 have lot of More Episodes So Keep In touch To Watch All Of them.

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