Playlist - Mehmetçik Drama Series

The unimaginable story of Mehmet and his sidekicks in the Footrest state orchestrated the Main Universal War, the fundamental dream is the reclamation and opportunity of the state, and there is just a worship for nation in the heart. Mehmet doesn’t stop for one moment to show such a retribution and effort for the nation. Therefore, he looks into Osmancik Contingent, where Suleyman Military Bey is found and the most capable warriors are picked, and shows a mind boggling fight to go to the front. The game plan on the Kut’ul Amare Triumph, which is the last epic that he left to the authority of an extraordinary state, will meet the eyewitness with the story of Mehmet’s character focused on every depiction of enthusiasm, action and significant inclination. Additionally, while Mehmet will present his life for the country, Zeynep will love him and his love will be a sentimental story written in a sinkhole.

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