Siccin  With English & Urdu Subtitles

Once upon a time in the mystical land of Arabia, a tale of ancient secrets and mysterious encounters unfolded. It was a time when the great Prophet Mohammed faced an inexplicable illness that left him bedridden and exhausted, without a known cause. But little did he know that destiny had something extraordinary in store for him.

One day, as the Prophet lay in his weakened state, an ethereal figure appeared before him. It was none other than the angel Gabriel, the celestial messenger of God. With a grave tone, Gabriel revealed a shocking truth – a wicked Jew had cast a malevolent spell upon Mohammed, seeking to harm him through dark enchantments.

The sinister spell was bound to a rope, its knots twisted with malicious intent. The cursed rope was then thrown into a well called Zervan, its depths shrouded in mystery and darkness. But the angel provided a glimmer of hope – a way to break the spell’s malevolence and restore the Prophet’s health.

“Send someone to retrieve the cursed rope from the well,” Gabriel instructed Mohammed. Without hesitation, the Prophet turned to his loyal son-in-law, Ali, and entrusted him with the perilous mission. Ali, a brave and devoted soul, accepted the divine task with unwavering determination.

As Ali ventured into the depths of the well, shadows danced around him, and the air seemed to whisper ancient incantations. Yet, he pressed on, driven by his love and respect for the Prophet. When he finally reached the rope and released its knots, an immense wave of relief washed over Mohammed. He knew that through Ali’s bravery, the malevolent spell had been undone, and his health was restored.

But that was not the end of the mystical journey. As a token of divine gratitude, the Almighty revealed to Mohammed two profound chapters of the Quran – Al-Falaq and An-Nas. These sacred verses served as guardians against evil forces, offering protection and solace to those in need.

Amidst the mysticism, another tale intertwined with the allure of SICCIN, where whispers of the enigmatic Ihsan Hodja spread like wildfire. People sought his wisdom and blessings, hoping for miracles and divine intervention in their lives.

In this enigmatic realm, a troubled soul named Öznur emerged, seeking answers about her love life and a man named Kudret. She longed to know if he was destined to be her life partner, yearning for a simple “yes” or “no.”

Öznur’s quest led her to Ihsan Hodja, whose aura exuded an otherworldly presence. With trepidation, she inquired about Kudret, and the wise one spoke with solemnity and foresight.

“Kudret may be your kin, but he is not the one destined to be your life partner,” Ihsan Hodja revealed. “His path is not meant to intertwine with yours, and he carries a burden that may bring you pain and sorrow.”

Öznur’s heart sank, but she knew that fate had spoken, and some paths were not meant to be walked.

Years later, a new chapter began when Kudret vanished for weeks, leaving Öznur desperate and worried. He seemed to shun her, but when they finally met, emotions ran high. It was then that Öznur revealed her pregnancy, and the tumultuous journey of parenthood began.

In a desperate plea, she asked Kudret not to leave her helpless, but tensions only escalated. The tangled web of love, betrayal, and despair seemed impossible to unravel.

As the tale unfolded, new characters emerged – Ceyda, a sweet and innocent child, and a father burdened with the travails of life. The haunting echoes of lost dreams and shattered hopes lingered in the air.

In the midst of all this, an unexpected tragedy struck. Baby had passed away, and grief engulfed their lives. Kudret’s heartache turned to anger, while Öznur searched for answers in the depths of fate.

In the shadows of heartbreak, misunderstandings, and anger, the characters grappled with their destinies. Each one yearned for happiness, yet their paths seemed filled with obstacles and pain.

As the tale of love and loss intertwined, only time could reveal the true course of their lives. In the land of whispers and mystical encounters, the future remained uncertain, leaving hearts entangled in a web of emotions.

In the end, the choices made, the actions taken, and the resilience of the human spirit would shape their destinies. Love and tragedy danced together in this enigmatic narrative, showing that life’s journey was filled with twists and turns, and that only through courage and understanding could one find solace and hope amidst the turmoil of existence.

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