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Teskilat Episode 1 Review

Teskilat is based on a secret organization that is an intelligence agency (SIHA). The play begins where a child who is abandoned has to live with his aunt, so some people burn down his house. The kid who wants to be the representative in the Turkish embassy takes it from there and hands it over to the government and she does the biggest thing becomes an intelligence agent.

Teskilat is based on the history of Turkey’s intelligence agency. It also shows how it works and how it is defending its country. The play depicts the use of the latest technology and shows how intelligence agents in other countries are carrying out similar teller operations and how to catch terrorists and how Make fail.

The episode 1 of this drama, which is very Amazing & Full Of Suspence, shows the intelligence agency in which it is written that the child they immediately took from the country has been made a direct agent of this child. This is the same child whose parents were killed by terrorists. Then I was burned to death. Now this baby works for SIHA Agency and it is very brave and Intelligent.

If you want to know about the history of Teskilat (The Orgnization), visit ThuploadAnd if you want to know about the actors of this drama series And their Real name and age, visit Erturul website.

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