The Turkish Television Drama series Uyanis buyuk selcuklu (Nizam-e-Alam) Cast in Urdu has been extremely popular in Pakistan since this started airing in Pakistan. Its Popular " Turkish History Series "

Uyanis buyuk selcuklu Episode 14 Great trailers has arrived Which are based on thrilling battles and lot of suspense. But in Last Episode  Sanjar sees Arslantas in the Jungle and lets her go. On the other hand, doctors are trying to save the life of the Nizam-ul-mulk he was in serious condition.In Isfahan When Malik Shah was thinking of inviting his second son Berkiarq to the palace, Altiber arrived. He tells about blasts in Salimzar, Malik Shah is angry with Altiber about the blasts and says he is not Amer anymore. Altiber had to make up for the loss to the people and the state as a result. Sanjar tells Tapar that he shouldn’t be looking for Arslantas anymore. Tapar accused him of disobeying the Sultan’s order and that they started fighting with eachother. Elchin and Goher intend to seek help from Turna again to treat Sefery (Malik-Shah Mother). 

In Last Episode of Uyanis buyuk selcuklu, Tapar returns to the castle and says that Sanjar was kidnapped by Arslantas. Malik Shah is very angry mood and says that if he does not bring Arslantas, Sanjar will be considered a traitor. Sanjar tells Arslantas the facts of Its Life over and over again but he can’t change his mind. The message sent by Malik Shah reached Sanjar about arslantas. On the other hand Sanjar has not changed his mind and has said he will not surrender until he saves his friend Arslantas. The merchant thinks it is Barkiarq Son of malik shah who saved him. Malik Shah takes care of Sanjar and the Nizam-ul-mulk. Turna use the opportunity and say they need to settle on someone instead of the Nizam-ul-mulk. 

Nizam-e-alam Episode 14  With very Exciting Trailers Is Coming Watch its 1st Trailer with full of suspence Below….. 

In Nizam-e-alam Episode 14, Malik Shah embraces this idea either Turna says the Nizam-ul-mulk survived the threat and began to recover. On the other hand Sanjar took Arslantas to Hamadani’s lodge. Hamadani tells his students about Fatmids and warns them to. Sanjar asked Hamadani to help Arslantas. In Isfahan Malik Shah visits Nizam-ul-mulk room and talks to him. Malik Shah sends his troops to the field of Kank (sanjar tribe) to search for Sanjar and orders everyone to tells Sanjar’s to return to the palace. Arslantas sings with sympathy and Faith. Arslantas began to remember his childhood and Nizam-ul-mulk Old Memories. Sanjar sent a secret message to the palace to satisfy Turna So that they don’t get upset.

Uyanis buyuk selcuklu Episode 14 with great war Scenes is Below… Nizamealam Episode 14 Looks Interesting then Last Episode….

In previous Episode of Nizam-e-alam  Arslantas regrets what he did and what he did with the Nizam-ul-mulk, he realizes his big mistake then he cryies and asks Hamdani how he can hold on to what he has done. Hamadani has told him not to feel sorry for Arslantas because God is very forgiving and Merciful. Turna goes where Sanjar said then Sanjar asked Turna about the Nizam-ul-mulk Condition. Turna said that Malik Shah is very angry with him. Sanjar says Arslantas will recover soon Inshallah. Terken checks the kerosene lamp in Sapphire’s room and realizes that Turna has taken a lot of poison there.Went to see Fasil Hassan Sabbah (Dai), who raised him. Hassan asks Faisal to go to Al-Tabar and ask for some things. Sanjar meets Arslantas and asks how are you. Arslantas says he’s even better and asks what the Nizam-ul-mulk Condition. Sanjar questioned Arslantas and asked the doctor to arrest him and try to find out his whereabouts. The next day, Tajul-mulk went to Kank (sanjar tribe) and inquired if anyone knew where Sanjar was. Basulo says his son is not a traitor and defends his son in front of Tajul-mulk.

In Nizam-e-alam Episode 14 (uyanis buyuk selcuklu), Tajul-mulk says that Sanjar relatives or friends are being arrested on the orders of Malik Shah, but the Alps of tribe will not allow it. As the war draws to a very close, Korkot arrives and stops the Alps. Basulo says no one but Nizam-mulk can take him to the palace In Isfahan. Tajul-mulk became angry and slapped Basulo (Sanjar’s mother). Bahram told Andreas a message sent by Malik Shah to the Byzantine emperor. Andreas says he will kill Malik Shah to save himself and fort. Sanjar finds out that Tajul-mulk has arrested his mother and immediately get back to save her.

After the Previous Episode Review We realized that the Episode 14 Nizam-e-alam  can be Surprise us with a lot of suspence and war.

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