Payitaht Episode 1 With English & Urdu Subtitles

Payitaht Episode 1 With English & Urdu Subtitles

This Drama Series Story Is about the Last Sultan Of Ottoman Empire. In Payitaht Episode 1 With English, Now watch these heroes in live action below…

Payitaht Episode 1 Review

Salaam people! Listed here is Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 1 with Urdu Dubbing. Payitaht Abdulhamid is just a crisis that is turkish made upon the final emperor of the Ottoman Empire. Sultan Abdulhamid Han. View it and luxuriate in it! Also, watch another crisis this is certainly turkish Osman in Urdu. This can be a link to Kurulus Osman. Many thanks plenty.

It’s been 20 many years today. Do you bear in mind his day this is certainly initially on throne, Pasha? Just how may I forget? A prince who had been never ever allowed to be the Sultan but fate place the band this is certainly emperor’s their little finger. Then all that reign and power. The war over war and then he gained power. He created the empire to a degree this is certainly significant 20 years. The victorious only if he could rule for the next 20 years.If he could…if only…Sultan Abdulhamid Han!Always! God bless your way! God bless the right path! But May you go with lot of money! May God laugh upon you! Long stay the Emperor… together with your State. Then God bless your anniversary that is twentieth on throne. Praise be, praise be! Don’t ever before get conceited, But Emperor for God is higher may sit now our Sultan. Long live the Emperor with your condition. The ceremony started before their magnificence…let. Go apart, women.

I’ve handled it for so long. So your brother Abdulhamid Han considers me worthwhile of the project our state will truly reap the benefits of it well. What exactly is inside it for you personally? Seriously, exactly what can take it for me personally? However the next years admiration that is be adequate. We see. Could be the fire fine? We lit the fire, father. You lit the fire. Tasks are done. Now hightail it. A train shall arrived at Sirkeci. There may be some customers. So long. Omer, son. Take this gloves.No, mother. And so the halter can’t be held by me using them. That’s likely to be slippery. But She spent time weaving all of them, son. Come here. Thank you, Zeynep. That has to have taken time. Kindly, don’t say that. You have got been here for me and my cousin. Back again to your business you all. Don’t stand before my destination right here. My boy!

Son, steer clear of a battle. Your warnings are in vain Asiye Hanım. Your son walks around with blinkers. Reminds myself of somebody but. The client is seeking soup. Offering our Sultan has become a satisfaction for my better half. Given that partner of your Emperor. you will be allowed to be happy about this. you have issues? What kind of solution is?Seniha.I…have was contemplating this railway problem time and night.I’ve thrown all my life in the front of a really wind that is tough Abdulhamid. You should also stand firm with me…so the wind would destroy us both n’t. Don’t worry, Mahmut Pasha. Your component with this matter are known never. YILDIZ PALACE morning that is blissful you. Be your condition permanently, my Sultan. Praise be. This table would fill the payitaht that is entire. Great morning all.Such a breakfast this is certainly attractive.

Yes, my Sultan. I’m paying attention. This railway concern. We touch Mahmut Pasha and hear the echo from Mehmet Pasha. Your brother-in-law worked very hard for this work. Doesn’t he deserve that for you personally as well as your state’s benefit? But…your cousin Seniha Sultan…is more valuable than me personally i assume. My dad, rest in serenity, Abdulmecid…fell in to a situation…because that is bad permit women hinder his politics. Don’t ask us to make the mistakes which can be same daddy did. In case your cousin would like to focus on the railway issue…i could designate him whilst the Hejaz Governor. He can examine if the railways trying there or perhaps not. I crossed the general line, I’m sorry. would previously want everything harmful to you or our condition. I am aware that, my Sultan. Dear dad!My delight, my stunning daughter. I would personallyn’t. Also if…I would like to head to Ciragan Palace to see Hatice Sultan?

There exists a matter I would like to communicate with you the actual name of God.Please.These tables are for those things. My daughter…That’s that is gorgeous better. That would be good too. Now, Your spouse has overexcited Seniha Sultan. Enjoy Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 1.

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